Reverse Nathan’s Punishment & Change District Policies at LISD & PISD

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Jake Drew
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Jake's son, Nathan, was accused of consuming THC at Hebron HS (Lewisville ISD) in Carrollton, TX. Nathan has passed 4 different drug tests. One includes a hair follicle test that goes back 90 days at a lab. Nathan's mom and Jake both agreed to transfer Nathan back to Shepton HS (Plano ISD) where Jake and Nathan's stepmother live. This is the district where Nathan attended middle school, and he still has friends in this district. Hebron HS punished Nathan with 30 days of DAEP (alternative school) despite the drug test results. Once Nathan transferred to Shepton HS, Plano ISD refused to reverse Hebron's (LISD) punishment and will not even consider the drug test results. Nathan is an AP credit/Honors student. He has already lost AP credits as a result of this incident, and he was removed from the Hebron JV and competitive cheer squads. Nathan and his family members have experienced various appeals in both districts, and Jake even hired an attorney for one of the appeal meetings. Nothing has changed the minds of the of administrators so far. Jake has already contacted numerous attorneys, administrators, and all board members at both districts. We need your help to get their attention to assist us in resolving this matter in a fair, honest, and ethical manner. We will protest every school day at each school during the time Nathan is required to attend DAEP.

Signing this petition will help us notify the staff, administrators, and board members at Lewisville ISD and Plano ISD that students should not be punished for an activity they did not engage in. Nathan did not consume THC, and we have irrefutable scientific evidence proving that he did not consume THC.  We can also prove that this is the charge that Nathan was punished for. During interrogation, school administrators at Hebron HS threatened Nathan with a drug test when they haven't administered drug tests in a decade. Now, they are unwilling to abide by the results of Nathan's drug tests at an independent testing facility. 

These particular districts should also change their policies and procedures. If schools punish students for consuming drugs, parents should have the right to obtain independent drug testing to exonerate their children. If administrators are willing to threaten students with drug tests during investigations, they should be required to abide by the results of the drug test. Furthermore, if parents are willing to transfer their student to another school because of an unresolved disciplinary grievance, schools should be required to consider any evidence provided that will exonerate a student, drug test results in this instance. During the discipline appeal process, parents should be provided a copy of all evidence (redacted if necessary) prior to any hearing and should be given the same amount of time to review evidence as administrators are given.  This certainly did not happen at Hebron. We appreciate everyone's help and support. Taking a stand for Nathan means taking a stand for future students in Nathan's shoes at Lewisville ISD and Plano ISD in Texas.