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Take Sebastien Spirit out of DAEP

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My good friend Sebastien Spirit and several other people were put in either alternative school (DAEP) or In School Suspension for creating a website made for anonymous "trash talking" of anybody in the town of Flower Mound. The site was very difficult to get to in the fact you had to type in the exact IP address in the search bar in order to get to it. Although this may sound like a malicious and evil idea on the surface, I feel there is a fine line between what some consider "rude" and breaking school rules. Yes while the content of the website wasn't necessarily what I would seem "school appropriate" it was done off school property, did not reference any faculty members, and was for general trash talk of any person in Flower Mound, not just one individual or group. While I hear many call this sight a form of bullying this is simply not the truth. Bullying (at least how school has taught me) must be repeated to the victim, and must be unavoidable to the victim. The site though was completely avoidable, fore you didn't have to go to it, and the insulting was distributed amongst a great amount of people, so I fail to see how this website was a tool for bullying. And even then this group of people who ran the site didn't make the content, they only gave an output for people to voice opinions anonymously, so even if the site broke a law or rule (which it doesn't) the posters of the said content would be responsible, not the administrators. Now I know I may be in the minority for saying this, but I saw written about me and even I think that punishing those who ran the sight wrong. I feel that free speech is an important issue that is diminishing day by day due to people trying to constantly moderate and control what people say and think about one another, whether it be politicians in Washington or just regular people working in a school. Now I say to the Lewisville Independent School District and Flower Mound High School, please rethink your decision and listen to those of us who care about our fellow classmates.

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