Say NO to this ENVIRONMENTALLY DANGEROUS garbage burning plant being built in Lewisporte!!

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Synergy World Power has proposed a US $2 billion liquid fuel production plant in Lewisporte. Garbage from all over the world shipped to our uniquely beautiful province. You can say goodbye to our rapidly growing Tourism industry. Who would want to come to a province that incinerates the World's garbage and spews toxic fumes into the air? Think of the future of our children and our grandchildren and what they will be breathing. 

Apparently the municipal and Provincial governments have been working behind closed doors for MONTHS now on the approval process while the public has been kept in the dark. I wonder why??? Could it be that the people of this astonishingly beautiful province would have a problem with this ? I think so!!!!

This is not  just a Lewisporte issue it is a provincial issue. Once one plant gets approved it opens the door to more of these plants province wide. Let us make our concerns known NOW before it is too late.  Please take a moment  of your time to call, text or email our Town Councils, our MHA and even our Federal government ( the timing is perfect with the federal election happening this month). 

Please sign this petition asking for full transparency!!!   Infact demand a public debate!!!! 

Contact information for Lewisporte District

Lewisporte Town Council phone 709 535 2737 or 709 535 2874 or email

MP Scott Simms 709 256 3130 or email SCOTT.SIMMS.C1C@PARL.GC.CA

MHA Derek Bennett 709 535 2131 or email