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Support Conservation and Save Dennetts Road Streetlamps!

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Did you know that due to a deal made between the Council and Skanska, we, on Dennetts Road, will lose our lovely streetlamps and they will be replaced with ugly modern ones?

I feel that we are all being terribly short-changed for the following reasons:

-      Much of Dennetts Road is in the Telegraph Hill Conservation Area

-         We already have heritage streetlamps, so if our streetlamps are to be renewed, they should replace like with like.

-         We have not been consulted about this significant change to the look and feel of our road.

-          Most of the rest of the Telegraph Hill Conservation Area will receive heritage streetlamps – even roads which do not currently have heritage lamps will receive them!

-          The replacement of our streetlamps will change the look and feel of our road forever.

If we were to change the character of our homes from the outside without permission, as we are in a Conservation Area, it would be regarded as a conservation issue. Why, therefore, can the Council change the character of our road without consultation, in a conservation area. They say this is down to budget. In the case of the householder, lack of budget would not be a valid excuse for making such changes… In short, THEY APPEAR TO BE BREAKING THEIR OWN RULES!

I have been told that the decision to remove our streetlamps and replace with inferior ones is final. I do not believe that it can be… But what we need is support from you so we don’t lose a defining feature of our fantastic road forever.

I am a local resident, and love my road and its character - of which its streetlamps are an integral part. If like me, you live locally and wish to retain the heritage of the street, or, more broadly, you value conservation and heritage believing that the Council, of all organisations, should uphold their own Conservation Area designations, please sign this petition! Thank you:)


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