Say NO to Skyscraper in Victorian cul-de-sac in Lewisham

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Meyer homes submitted a planning application for a 34 story tower next to Lewisham Station.  It was rightly deferred in 2017, then rejected in April 2018.  They were told to go back to the drawing board if they wanted to reapply.  They have appealed to the planning inspectorate, so there will be a public inquiry and Lewisham Council will have to defend their position.  In the meantime, they have resubmitted exactly the same plans but with enhanced public access to the roof deck.

Lewisham Council will be worried about spending money on legal fees, so may feel under pressure to allow the development this time.  This is bullying behaviour by the developers to our councillors.  

  • The site boundary is a few metres from homes.  It will block light to nearly 300 windows and be completely overbearing.  It is not in keeping with Silk Mills Path and has not been sympathetic to the surroundings.
  • It will be bigger than most of the buildings in Canary Wharf - only 4 are bigger.  Too big for a residential Victorian cul-de-sac.
  • There is no provision for increased healthcare or school places, despite services already being overstretched.
  • There is no provision for extra capacity at Lewisham Station, despite all new residents being expected to travel by public transport.
  • There are already many other large developments being built in Lewisham, including Phase 2 of Lewisham Gateway, the Carpetright tower and the whole of the Matalan site.  Over one thousand home already approved.  The majority of these will not be affordable to the average Lewisham resident.  However they are investment opportunities from overseas buyers and large investment funds.
  • If this site is approved, us local residents (including many children, elderly and vulnerable people) will be literally living in a building site for several years.  The planning document states that the risk to health from construction is severe but localised and short term.  For us local people, two years of extra toxic pollutants in the air is not acceptable.  We have already had years of breathing in the pollutants from the Gateway site, please give our lungs a break.
  • Some of us local residents have health conditions that could be made worse from this development going ahead.
  • Lewisham Council should stick with their original and right decision and not be bullied into accepting the proposal.

Watch these videos of how bad it is to live next to major construction.  Gateway Construction 2014 from Silk Mills Path.

Please sign the petition and stick up for local people and our local councillors, they need to know that that they are supported when standing up to the major developers with deep pockets to pay legal fees etc.