Lewisham isn't working: end the directly-elected mayoral system now.

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Julia Webb
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The current system of local government simply isn't working for Lewisham residents. Mayor and cabinet cling to total control; scrutiny from councillors or residents is unwelcome, and questioners are ostracised. No distinction is made between political and council business, and the decline of committees means that most councillors' presence is entirely ornamental.

Sadly, there is a great need for scrutiny; the Mayor and his inner group control everything, far more than they can sensibly manage. They have failed to scrutinise or negotiate decent planning agreements; the mission-drift of long-delayed projects has landed us with Sequin City, aka downtown Lewisham, with minimal social housing. Outrageous planning breaches by powerful developers are overlooked. We need the return of the committee system, to maintain scrutiny across all council business, and allowing councillors to properly represent their voters.

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