Keep the Turkish Baths in Lewes for community use

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Keep the Turkish Baths in Lewes for community use

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Started by Joanna Carter

We the undersigned call upon Lewes District Council to fully explore a range of options for the future use of the building called the 'Turkish Baths' in Friars Walk, Lewes. These options should include exploring the potential for a creative hub and other uses not relying on full refurbishment prior to use and ways to ensure that this public building remains accessible and used by a wide section of the local community.

The Victorian Turkish Baths is a striking historical building that is perfectly placed to be a great community centre. Lewes has recently lost lots of space for its creative industry and community spaces from the North Street and Phoenix Estate - let's not lose another public space! 

The District Council has voted to spend £220,000 doing up the building and is hoping to rent it out to a high end restaurant or estate agent. Let's save that money and explore all the different options for this publicly owned historical building!

In September, Making Lewes used the Turkish Baths as a venue for their festival - with workshops, talks and a temporary installation. Making Lewes would like to see the building become a "fab lab"; a shared workshop where local artists, makers, schoolchildren and students can share equipment and expertise. This is one of many options for this building that should be explored.  

 - This public building should be retained for public and community use. A high-end restaurant or estate agent is a highly exclusive use of a public building. 

- Public money shouldn't be spent refurbishing the building before a proper evaluation of options. 

- Lewes needs more community spaces and support for its creative industries. The Turkish Baths could be the perfect building to provide both. 

Please sign and share! If we can get 1500 signatures we can get the District Council to debate the future of the Turkish Baths. 


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This petition had 1,560 supporters

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