Shockoe Safety – A Petition to Mayor Stoney and the City of Richmond

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Dear Mayor Stoney and City Council:

Business owners, residents, customers, and members of the Shockoe community love our neighborhood, with its rich history, beautiful architecture, and wonderful residents. We believe that Shockoe can be one of the premier areas in the greater Richmond region. 

However, a pattern has emerged in recent years of late-night turmoil, resulting in a series of tragic shootings.  In the wake of this pattern of nightclub-related violence, we ask the Mayor and City Council to take strong measures for a safer Shockoe Bottom.

We urge the Mayor and City Council to support additional resources, including increased police presence & engagement, signage, and strict enforcement of existing laws in the area – including at least all Class 1, 2, and 3 misdemeanors.  We believe that effective policing of the area must include resources to provide enough officers to be walking throughout the area and engaging the nightclub patrons.  It should not include barricading streets, as this approach unnecessarily suggests a dangerous and unwelcoming area.

Inaction on this critically important issue threatens the economic and cultural viability of one of Richmond’s most iconic neighborhoods.  We all want Shockoe to be a vibrant, mixed-use community where citizens live, work and play.

Thank you for your consideration to this urgent matter!