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Cancel Classes to Vote

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Classes should be cancelled on the days of presidential general and primary elections.

During the 2016 presidential election, only 46.1% of U.S. citizens ages 18 to 29 turned out to vote (File, 2017) and according to the Michigan Daily, the four precincts in Ann Arbor “that feature many student voters, with polling locations in the Michigan Union and Michigan League, voter turnout ranged from 42.8 percent to 49.71 percent” (Murray, 2016).

During the 2016 presidential election, many students were unable to vote because of time constraint they faced, accounting for hours of classes, clubs, studying and other extracurricular activities. Students would put in the effort, standing in lines, stretching as long as 3 hours at the Michigan Union, with the hopes of fulfilling their constitutional right, but were let down by the inefficiency of the polls; students were forced to leave the line to attend their class.

With low voter turnout among the University of Michigan students and many opinions and voices circulating the campus, action must be taken.

In signing this letter of support, I believe that students are unequally represented in voter turnout in presidential elections, especially on the University of Michigan campus. I agree that students are inhibited by classes scheduled on the day of presidential elections (general and primary) and support the cancellation of classes on these days. In the absence of these classes, students will have the equal opportunity to express their right to vote, improve voter turnout and represent their beliefs and opinions in accordance to political results.

I am signing this letter to show my agreeance and support of canceling classes on the days of general and primary presidential elections.

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