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CHP pulled over my moms funeral.

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On May 8th 2015 my mothers funeral was pulled over by the CHP officer Neslon.  There were over 100 cars sitting in the merging lane of the 10 freeway in late afternoon traffic we weren't even on the embankment of the road. As we passed the CHP he was giving another car a ticket a few seconds later i saw his car going at high rate on the embankment and what caught my attention was all the dirt he kicked up with flashing lights he pulled behind the limousine behind mine and stopped the 1st car in front of the procession that caused all the cars behind him to stop including the cars that were on crenshaw attempting to get on the freeway.  i sat in the limo wondering what was going on and then decided to get out..I asked the officer what was going on he said we can move on he wanted to talk to the escort i told him this is my mothers funeral were on our way to Forest Lawn and he can follow us to talk to escort i noticed all the traffic and my moms hearse..i told the escort get back on his bike lets go and advised the officer to help instead creating all this confusion he told me its not his job to help and it was downhill from there we were detained for more than 30 minutes and an hour late to the funeral. The CHP refused to assist but impounded 2 of the motorcade bikes and we had to go on with no help. We were later told we were moving too slow and 2 of the escorts had no licence.  How were we to know that the escorts had no licence and how are were we to know how fast or slow to go they were hired thru the mortuary which should have made sure that their escorts were licensed and properly equipped to handle a procession of that magnitude.  I feel the CHP officer could have implemented the spirit of the law and showed compassion and resolved the issue once we got to the cemetery not in mid afternoon traffic regardless of how me and my family felt Officer Nelson had no respect.  Please help me in changing the law so that this never happens to any ones loved one.  If an officer deems the right to pull over a funeral or feels there is a law being broken at least make sure everyone is off the road and safe.  Regardless of how slow a funeral is moving there should not be a reason to stop the procession there is a reason a funeral moves slow there are several cars following and some may have been stuck at a light and that shouldn't happen either all funerals have the right of way. Do not ever allow the hearse to sit on the road that is mishandling of a corpse my mother was going to her final resting place and the last place i wanted to see her was on the side of the freeway.

Please help me in making a law so that funerals are never stopped unless there is a medical emergency.

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