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Lets make harsher more severe punishments for child abusers

I would like to see harsher more severe punishments for child abusers.I would like to see child abuse an automatic FELONY, and not determined on the extent of the injuries!   Statistics say that every 10 SECONDS a child will be abused.  FIVE children die EVERY DAY from child abuse.  This needs to stop.  We need to make a law that ends this cycle and make it so child abusers are jailed and punished.  Lets make it about the children! Lets pass "Kate's Law"

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U.S. Senate
I would like to see harsher more severe punishments for those who abuse children. Child abuse has long been called a "victimless crime". Kate Cawvey is a 11month old, beautiful, smart little girl that had a bright future. Now she lays in a hospital room in Syracuse,NY with a 10inch scar on her head, fighting for her hearing, sight and any hope of a "normal" child's life. I would like children of abuse to realize that they are survivors and not victims. That they grow and be advocates and not abusers. Every 10 seconds in the US a child is abused, every 5 minutes a child DIES from child abuse. I want abusers to know that they are not the majority and this behavior will NOT be tolerated! I would like to see child abuse an automatic FELONY! Not a slap on the hand charge, no matter what the extent of the injuries! Lets end the cycle of abuse and make harsher sentences for abusers. LETS PASS "KATE'S LAW"! Thank you , MAURA DAWLEY~

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