Only a Miracle of "Medical Marjuana" can help save mum, who only has months to live!

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Why is a natural plant like medical marijuana  illegaI"

l am writing this post with sheer desperation! 
Please help make cannibas oil legal and available for all cancer suffers. We are fighting to get this  cannibas oil so desperately for mum.  

I am now asking for help for my mum who has been diognosed with stage 4 inoperable cancer, she has been given months to live. No treatments are available to mum apart from radiotherapy which comes with severe side effects and many others with this will only get palliative care,this could change if cannibas oil was available to all of them sufferers, then they could as many people have proved and as evidence has shown it gives a chance to live longer,and give priceless time to the people and their family's and shrinks cancerous tumours  

my mum is a human being who could have the chance to a longer life span and endure less pain. 

We should not have to lose my mother due to cost or due to the fact that someone states she can't have it, and neither should others in her position. 

For every single signature and 'share' on social media we thank you from the bottom of our hearts as this could be one step closer to getting mum the treatment she deserves!

Anybody who knows her or has had the chance to meet her will know how incredibly positive she is and always has been despite everything that has stood in her way in life, so please help us, in her fight for life! and for everyone who is going through this hell, when they don't have too. 

My mum Susan Dhillon is a 50 year old terminally ill woman diagnosed with stage IVb, who has Squamous Cell Cancer of the nasal cavity  This advanced, ferocious disease has taken over her life after she was refused countless times for a home visit with her registered doctors and when she was finally heard, after all her cries out for help for over a year the devastating effect of this disease had already taken over. The tumour has destroyed her nasal septum, roof of mouth and skull base. I was diagnosed in July, 2018 so it is all very recent and has been the hardest thing that my mum and our family have ever dealt with. 

Mum will be leaving behind 3 children with her youngest which is me, only being 21 and a granddaughter who is barely 4. She has been told she only has months to live and as she refused radiotherapy due to the severe  side effects.

The doctors have refused mum Immunotherapy  advised she has only months to live. We are stuck at a time crunch and we are now reaching out to you and others to help my mum reach her goal of raising £10000.00 to help her with financing treatment abroad such as pioneering therapy "Medical Marjuana". Please help my mum on her quest to beat this horrid disease and to win her fight for life.