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i have been type 1 diabetic for 15 years. i am resistant to insulin and struggle to control my glucose levels. traditionally blood glucose levels have been monitored by finger prick blood meters, that can be painful and overtime cause nerve damage to the fingers. a new flash meter has been developed, with a sensor that  can attach to the arm and reads glucose levels via the interstitial cells. the sensor is then read by a meter. each sensor lasts 14 days. this meter has been prescribed on the nhs in various areas of the uk since December, however not in cornwall. cornwalls diabetes care is one of the lowest in the country, with limited money being spent in this field by the nhs. this meter will change my life, and many other diabetics. it will provide better glucose control for people who live with this SERIOUS LIFE THREATENING MEDICAL CONDITION. money spent now on better glucose control will save the nhs money in the future, as costly eye and heart issues will be reduced, and also limb amputations will be lessened. i am asking you to stand with me to help me get this meter on the nhs in cornwall, so people like me have a chance of living an as nornal life as possible

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