Investigate Donald J Trump for Depraved Indifference Murder

Investigate Donald J Trump for Depraved Indifference Murder

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Steve Organek started this petition to NY Attorney General Letitia James and

Donald Trump confessed to causing Americans to die by lying about the dangers of COVID-19. Bob Woodward’s interview tapes prove beyond doubt that Trump understood the danger and consequences.

Most states have a statute for Depraved Indifference Murder or Depraved Heart Murder. New York Statute § 125.25 says

"DEPRAVED INDIFFERENCE TO HUMAN LIFE refers to a person’s state of mind in recklessly engaging in conduct which creates a  grave risk of death.  A ... person has an utter disregard for the value of human life – a willingness to act, not because he or she means to cause grievous harm, but because he or she simply does not care whether or not grievous harm will result. ...  a  person who is depravedly indifferent is not just willing to take a grossly unreasonable risk to human life - - that person does not care how the risk turns out.  Depraved indifference to human life reflects a wicked, evil or inhuman state of mind, as manifested by brutal, heinous and despicable acts. It is evinced  by  conduct  that  is wanton, deficient in a moral sense of concern, devoid of regard for the life or lives of others,"

Quotes from Woodward’s tapes:
Feb 7:
“It goes through air, Bob. ... The touch, you don’t have to touch things, right? But the air, you just breathe the air and that’s how it’s passed. And so that’s a very tricky ... delicate one. It’s also more deadly than even your strenuous flus. ... we lose 25,000, 30,000 people a year here.”

“This is more deadly. This is 5% versus 1%, and less than 1%. So this is deadly stuff.”

Mar 19:
“Now it’s starting out it’s not just all people, Bob. But just today and yesterday, some startling facts came out. It’s not just old ... Young people too.“

“I wanted to always play it down. I still like playing it down...”

So what did Trump actually do?

  • A small selection of Trump’s lies that caused dangerous complacency:
    Feb. 25: “I think that’s a problem that’s going to go away.”
  • Mar 19: “A drug called Chloroquine … is showing very, very encouraging early results, and we’re going to be able to make that drug available almost immediately ...” 
  • Apr 9: “We have the best — right now, the best testing system in the world.”
  • July 4: “99%” of COVID-19 cases are “totally harmless.”
  • Multiple: Children are “virtually immune” to COVID-19.
  • Countless times: Trump downplayed the pandemic.

A small selection of Trump’s actions that ensured avoidable deaths:

  • Trump cut the emergency funding request for coronavirus supplies by 75% In February.
  • Trump delayed providing social distancing guidelines by two weeks, which has been estimated to cost over 50,000 lives.
  • Trump failed to invoke the defense production act to create sufficient PPE and tests for aggressive testing.
  • Trump failed to create a nationwide contact tracing program.
  • June 2020: Trump stopped funding testing programs.
  • June 2020: Trump created superspreader events by restarting campaign rallies without safety precautions 

Trump caused over 200,000 avoidable deaths. He must pay his debt to society for his heinous crimes.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
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