Equal expression rights for all

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Lethbridge City Council voted today to remove a contracted Pro-Life advertising campaign due to pressure from groups who claim to be offended by images depicted on them. 

Less than a year ago, LGBT groups gained the right to permanently paint some walkways in our city’s downtown core, in spite of opposition from some conservative groups. This approval was made partly on the grounds of Lethbridge wanting to become a more inclusive and accepting community. How is it now that this Pro-Life group, whose campaign is aimed at educating and raising awareness of the reality of fetal development (no graphic images or misinformation is displayed on the ads) is being forced to remove ads that had been previously approved by federal standards? How is this measure supposed to promote a more inclusive and accepting community?

Let Council council know that we will not support a double standard when it comes to our right to express our beliefs in a respectful and civilized manner.