Petition Closed

Its Green Belt prime Agricultural Land and provides an essential space on the margin of North Hertfodshire for Farming, Recreation and Wildlife. On the highest RED conservation list of birds we have no less that 16 species 15 of which are Breeding.

Letter to
Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation and NHDC
Stop the Expansion of Letchworth Garden City on Green Belt Land.
So many people will be affected if this is allowed to go ahead. I appreciate that land owners are ethically bound to submit land for housing if that land is or could be suitable. In this instance though it is against Ebeneazer Howard's principals. It would destroy the very identity of the worlds first garden city. The green belt around the edge of Letchworth is vital to the Town's integrity. Surely it is the Heritage Foundations duty to ensure this land survives for future generations to enjoy. Of course housing is required and necessary but new towns should be built not keep joining all the existing one's together. Socially to do this is destructive. We need open spaces or crime and poverty will increase.