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Let Yulia Samoylova perform at Eurovision 2017

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Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) had announced that it banned the Russian representative for Eurovision Song Contest 2017 - Julia Samoylova from entering the country for three years thus ruling out her participation in the contest. The Ukrainian state broadcaster NTU issued a statement saying it will respect and uphold its government’s decision. However, Ukrainian authorities have not yet sent written confirmation to the Eurovision Reference Group, which oversees the contest. By acting so Ukraine shows that it doesn't deserve the right to organize the event.
The decision of Ukrainian authorities is criticized by lots of Eurovision fans. We the people have to stop the action of the Ukrainian authorities and their mixing of the contest with the politics. We have to do everything so that they postpone their decision.
It's Eurovision SONG Contest and not Eurovision POLITICS Contest!
This is the open letter to the Ukrainian authorities:
Dear Authorities of Republic of Україна,
I'm writing to you to share my concern with you about banning Russian participant for Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Yulia Samoylova from entering Kyiv in May. I know what Russia has done to the great and proud country which is Ukraine but why Ukrainian authorities want to ruin the very noble idea of Eurovision? Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) and your authorities ignore the European Broadcasting Union and the fans of the Eurovision Song Contest in the entire world. The decision of Ukrainian authorities makes an negative impression about your country not only in Europe but in the whole world. In my opinion the decision about banning the representative of Russia is very unfair and inhumane. I think your authorities shouldn't ban an harmless artist and should let her perform in Kyiv. It also breaks the rule of Eurovision Song Contest which states that every single Eurovision artist is allowed to represent its country no matter what. Due to the situation your authorities should consider the case of the ban very carefully not only from the side of the Ukrainian law but also from the moral side. Considering by looking from the both sides is extremely important. This situation is making the Eurovision Song Contest even more political and makes the conflict even more fierce. I want Yulia Samoylova to represent Russia in Eurovision 2017 and make an end to these political games which are absolutely unnecessary. Personally I think than Ukraine should be wise in this situation and I know it is against the law but Yulia will be only for two weeks in Kyiv and not anymore. I think you could make an exception for her and let her perform because by this decision of banning her from entering Ukraine you're hurting her very much. You can always temporary revoke the ban of Yulia and make it to be in force right after Eurovision when Yulia leaves Kyiv and Ukraine. I suggest to stop the ban of Julia for the time of Eurovision and make it to be in ruling since June 1st. This is appropriate proposition for the EBU, Ukrainian authorities, Russian broadcaster along with Yulia and what’s more the whole mass of Eurovision fans. Don't think only about Russia but think about the artist herself what she must feel? Your country deserves the right to organize the event after the spectacular win of Jamala but by your inhumane actions you show that you don’t deserve the right to host it. I hope you reconsider your decision and think by what your heart says instead of thinking what your mind says. Exception for a disabled artist is nothing bad at all. For me it would be a very humble act to let her perform. By this decision Ukraine can fix its reputation which due to the situation isn’t that nice. Please consider the case of the Russian representative Yulia very carefully and make clear statement about it and send it to EBU. Please response to this message and eventually make the situation clear to end this chaos before the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 itself. This decision can make an huge impact on the future.
High regards and greetings,

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