Let women and girls’ football continue - just like for men and boys!

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Recently the uk government have cancelled all female football and let boys elite academies continue. We need to make sure women’s football is reclassified because in 2020 there should be no differentiation from female and men’s football.

Even though professional women are paid a wage compete for their country and have exactly the same number of games to play yearly, time and again women and girls have been affected by the sexism in the game. In tennis are ladies treated any different? Are their games being stopped and only men’s continuing? No. This is because it would be classified as treating women differently. So why is this still happening in football?

I run a girls football team and my daughter plays for a team and this is something that I don’t want my daughter to see - how differently you are treated because of your sex. Girls look up to these players as their heroes. The same as if a mans team was playing and the women put just as much sweat and tears in every week for little or no pay at all levels of the game.

All I want is a bit of equality which is not a lot to ask for in 2020. This is the time when we need to look at how women are treated at all levels and stand up for a change.

Please sign and share and let’s hope we get enough people to make the government and FA look at changing this.