Tell Congress WE THE PEOPLE are sick of the Unconstitutional Bills and Laws.

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     We the People are tired of unconstitutional bills as well as Laws being passed by states and Federal that go against the Constitution. For example, Red Flag Laws and Bills... These break at least 3 Constitutional Rights, Such as Amendment 4. Which Bars the Government from UNREASONABLE Search and seizure of an individual and or there Property. As well as the 5th Amendment that states any Criminal Charge must be started by a Grand Jury, Not by a judge, and a person cannot be convicted of a crime without Due Process.  The 5th also states People cannot have property taken away without Just Compensation. Let alone this example also violates the 2nd the right of the people to keep and Bear Arms. The Red Flag Laws also Violate the 6th amendment as well.  Not being allowed to face there Accuser not able to plead there case. This is an example. Here is another example of what We the People are Tired of US Codes being violated with no consequences? US Codes 1324, and 2101 to be exact.