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Restore Toronto's Police Force

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This petition is being sent to Mike McCormack of the Toronto Police Union as you add your signature. This petition is one of several others that involve the Toronto Police force, others are here.

Fairness is everyone's responsibility and with that in mind, it is also important not to jeopardize the stability of our community as Toronto is hard at work fixing its problems and gets wiser along the way. 

This petition wants to address the shrinking of the number of officers. A smaller police force will make the security of Toronto weaker inwardly and outwardly because a smaller force will be less diverse. A larger police force can iron out its kinks where a smaller one will likely be more defensive. The Toronto Police force is shrinking through retirement, as the Police union notes and this means new personnel are not being hired to replace them. That is why homicide calls and other incidents are taking longer to get to. This is an implied cut in personnel by not replacing retiring officers. Between now and 2019 another 500, which is 250 officers per year will retire out of the job to be replaced by a mere 80 new hires after January 2019 (article). It is also an economic loss of potential professionals who might otherwise live and pay taxes in this city. And #TogetherWeAreStrong.

Perhaps the "powers that be" feel that policing happens by square kilometer but I think policing happens by people and Toronto is one of the most crowded metropolises.

Finally, here is my gift to your for signing this petition in a YouTube videogram


As a concerned resident of Toronto, you can join the call to restore the police force with new hires to replace Toronto's aging and retiring personnel. 

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