Air tickets to Sierra Leone too expensive making it an unattractive tourist Destination

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Philip Cole
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Did you know that the real air ticket cost for SN Brussel (just one example) from Europe to Lungi is $350-370? The rest is landing, security and other outrageous fees. Airport authority guys pleaded with the previous govt to not allow that stupid contract for the Immigration check at the airport. That is costing passengers an extra cost. Worse is the fact that airport authority owns all the immigration equipment. And we wonder why Sierra Leone is not an attractive tourist destination. We cant compete with Gambia, Senegal and other countries in the region as ours is not an attractive destination. New minister please look into this issue now as well as encouraging Africa's biggest airline; Ethiopia Airline to start flying.

Oh! One More thing Mr Minister!!

That airport deal cost the government over an alleged $14,000,000, even though airport authority management could have handled it better. It is our equipment they are using to reap and hinder Tourism development in the country. I cry for my beloved country



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Algassimu Monoma Bah

"So so so true bro. My flight to Conakry was $250 cheaper than if I had flown to Lungi, and one of the airlines I checked would’ve transited in Freetown before landing in Guinea ��. Bra this is as serious as cancer. Many people flying from the U.S are now flying to Conakry and take a taxi to Freetown and still save a lot of money. Wake up Salone !

Oh, one more thing, it took me less than ten minutes to go through Guinean immigration this time. A big improvement in that area too. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do bro"

Alpha Amadu Jalloh

"Going to Conakry from Australia is as low as A$ 1700 return while if you are traveling to Freetown it's a fortune A$ 3600. See how crazy it is in our beloved Mama Salone whenever I come I don't want to go back to Australia. I love this place oh my God what have done for you to provide us with thieves, criminals to reap us our rights and happiness?"

Kinnie Musa Bro right on spot.

"A full breakdown of fare analyses was put in place compared to other west Africa countries as to the reason of high fare in S/L .which include taxes ,handling ,landing fees ,This was handed over to the Deputy minister
for further discussion and promise to get back to me.

Mohamed Konneh

"Probably one of the reasons Air Ivoire suspended flight to SL. We used to pay $500-700 from Abidjan to Freetown 1:30 mins flight"

Max Junior Kamara

"Citizens in the diaspora are afraid of the cost of traveling back home let alone tourists, am suggesting since you have started this topic that you start a petition page that both citizens and tourist sign under so the authorities will get a sense of how serious the matter is."

Alimatu Dimonekene

"Honestly all these issues make travelling to Sierra Leone a non starter. I’d rather go somewhere we’re my ££ goes a long way."

Peagie Foday

" wonder the high whats the solution.....worth looking into. Thanks for sharing...but rest on the passport issue fos...mek den solve da place."

Farbah Musa Nyagua

"Bockarie Sama Banya seriously I paid a whopping $580 from
Accra to Freetown N paid $900 bucks delta airline direct from New York to Accra 7 hours flight , see the difference bro"