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Help Victor Lau from the Green Party of Saskatchewan to challenge at the leaders debate

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Victor Lau and the dedicated members of the Saskatchewan Green Party have worked hard in the past few elections to be recognized in the televised leader debates. The Media Consortium in Saskatchewan, consisting of CBC, CTV and Global do not believe the voters of Saskatchewan want to hear the solutions the Saskatchewan Green Party has to offer in the leaders debate. Prior to 2011 the Media Consortium would not consult with Victor Lau, but did state that parties are required to have a "full Slate" of candidates across the province to qualify for an invitation to the televised debates. In 2011 Victor, along with help from dedicated friends traveled to every riding in Saskatchewan and for the first time in the party's history secured a full slate of candidates. This great party success was quickly snuffed by the Media Consortium moving the goal posts, they then claimed the party needed to win a seat first. This was a shifty rule since the Liberal party had no seats in 2007 and were invited, also if the Sask Party would of won every riding, which they almost did, it would of meant the Media Consortium could only invite one party in the next televised debate. We need to let the Media Consortium know the people of Saskatchewan deserve to be presented with ideas from all legitimate party's. They must be fair to our cherished democratic process and give clear rules for inviting party's to the leaders debates.  Each of us must do what we can to demand fairness in our society and in our law making process.  Simply put, If Victor Lau is invited to the televised leader debate, we all win. The more choices we have in provincial leaders, the more possible ideas we can use for solutions. If the party fails this election to be heard in the televised debates, they will continue to push to have their message heard and plead to the Media Consortium for a fair and transparent electoral process. For Victor Lau, the dedicated members of the Green Party of Saskatchewan and for the principals of a fair democracy in our province, please sign our petition urging the Saskatchewan Media Consortium to invite Mr. Lau, Leader of the Green Party of Saskatchewan, to offer their solutions during the televised leaders debate this 2016 election. For more information about the Green Party of Saskatchewan please visit

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