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Support the Anti-bullying Law

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Anti-bullying act helps to reduce and eliminate bullying. This is one of the issues that i want to solve because all of us are involved here. People tend to bully those informal settlers, person with disabilities, nerd, fat, thin, etc. and bullying someone has a great impact in someone's life. It can affect them not just mentally but also physically because they'll start to hate things about them especially their body and skin. In addition, there are a lot of kinds of bullying but for this generation, Cyberbullying is what we experience the most cause it involves digital devices like cellphone, computers and tablets, and it is easy to judge or discriminate someone you didn't know personally. For example, Marlou Arizala changed his name to Xander Ford and had done surgical to change some parts of his face like his nose and chin. He hates himself then and up until now he's teenager and got bully by other people. I think it is not fair to judge someone and bully them just because you don't like them. No one deserves this. Stop the bullying! We must appreciate everyone because we are all different. Stop the hate and spread love.

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