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Let the tiger (T-24) of Ranthambore National Park live in its natural habitat

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Here's what happened recently. A forest guard was on foot inside the Ranthambore national park, ahead of the barrier, heading to take a leak behind a tree. He startled a tiger (T24) that was guarding it's kill. The tiger attacked on instinct. It did not eat the guard or even bother to kill him. The guard died of his injuries at the hospital. Now the authorities are planning to capture T24 and put him in a zoo.

The tiger did not break the rules of the jungle - the human did. It is a wild animal. It kills only to eat - once or twice a week. But it is a tiger’s territorial instinct to attack, if it finds others transgressing in its territory up to uncomfortable limits.

The uninformed will tell you that it's an ill-tempered tiger and we need to protect humans from it, but that's not accurate. T24 is not a man-eater: it has often encountered pilgrims and morning walkers and has always left them alone.

A tiger reserve is an area RESERVED for the tiger to be natural. If it's supposed to act a certain way, in line with human expectations - act as per training, not instinct - then it's not a reserve, is it? It's just a big zoo.

What’s more is, in light of recent reports, it was discovered that the tiger that is being punished for breaking human laws, might not even be the real culprit. It is possible that the attacker was another tiger. The only evidence incriminating T24 is its presence near the site of the incident, nearly an hour and a half later. That wouldn’t hold up in a human court of law!

Finally, I have, and I am sure a lot of tourists that have visited Ranthambore National Park will testify that they have too, seen humans get off canters and walk short distances within the park for better sightings. How then, can we blame and incarcerate a wild animal, when humans in its territory do not follow their own rules? It's the easiest thing to do to lock up the tiger. The harder thing to do is to educate people and enforce the rules.

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