Let the South Carolina Fentanyl Bill Stand Alone

Let the South Carolina Fentanyl Bill Stand Alone

August 17, 2022
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Started by Tiffany Pierce

Dear Legislators, 

We are contacting you regarding your work to block the bill which could give law
enforcement throughout the state the ability to enact much stricter punishments
and deterrents to the increasing Opioid Crisis in South Carolina. According to
the DEA, "Fentanyl is killing Americans at an unprecedented rate. Drug traffickers are driving addiction, and increasing their profits by mixing Fentanyl with other illicit drugs." The DEA outlined the current threat and has offered DEA
support to local law enforcements responding to these tragic incidents. This is the single deadliest threat our nation and our state has ever faced.

This crisis affects every county in South Carolina. It is in our neighborhoods and communities and downtowns and schools. This epidemic crosses all socio-economic boundaries. It does not dwell only in poverty. It doe not dwell only with the uneducated. It does not dwell only with adults. It can be found in every county in our state. Of the 14 counties you and the other 18 legislators
represent, the statistics are staggering. In Aiken County, opioid deaths rose 192.86% from last year. In Kershaw County they rose 217.98%. In each of those 14 counties, hospitalizations due to fentanyl overdose are up as well as deaths.

The State of South Carolina and every county in it needs to aggressively attack
this crisis now with every resource and law available. For you and your fellow
legislators to hold up a bill that could aid significantly in this battle over your
Medical Marijuana bill is shortsighted and a failure to your community and State.
Florida and Georgia have or are working to get in place bills which would give their law enforcement and the courts a real weapon against this epidemic. The drug dealers are on their way to South Carolina. Will you stand and fight with


The Citizens of South Carolina 

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Signatures: 398Next Goal: 500
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