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A school only grows when it gets healthy atmosphere and positive environment for its working & its true as we had experienced it by our self. If a person is giving what so ever he have (time, energy, knowledge & experience) to take the institution to a new level of success. But we all know its not so easy to walk on the roads of truth we get many barrier and hurdels . 

Same has came in our way as when our school is creating benchmarks under the guidance of our Honorable Principal Sir Mr. G.V. Rajshekhar Rao and breaking our own records. Giving excellent results both in the field of Academics as well as in the sports and other co-curricular activities. He encourages each and every student to bring his/her talent out because he knows that every one is not good on academic but everyone has a unique set of qualities.

Under the guidance of sir D.A.V. Bilaspur has shown immense growth in every field and it can be said as the 'GOLDEN PERIOD OF D.A.V. BILAPUR'.

But suddenly we got a shocking news that our principal sir is getting transferred to D.A.V. SONADHI in the middle of the session which created devastating effect on the students and even on the faculty of our school. Reason is not know till date and higher authorities are showing it as a regular transfer. But the transfer of our principal sir is not justified as our school is performing so well so there is no question of any problem or mismanagement. We all know transfers are done for the betterment of the institution but this transfer is making a huge negative impact on the SCHOOL.

So please sign my petition and let the higher authorities know that the students are not so weak & WE CAN FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHT.