Let the montfort mini's stay home!

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Due to a misunderstanding during the process of creating an ordinance that would allow my pet pot bellied pigs to make the move to montfort with us,  I am now on the verge of loosing our beloved family pets. Before deciding to buy a home in the lovely little town,  I called the village office and asked if there was an ordinance that either allowed or did not allow pet pigs, I was informed that there was neither because no one had asked about it before.  I told her we were  considering buying a home in town but only if they could come with us,  due to a few years of illness with chronic lyme disease and a few other things we had already lost our farm and all our other animals, I wasn't going to loose my pig's too..  I told her I was aware that the close by town of cobb allowed  pot belly's to point out the other towns were ok with it.  She said she would bring it up at the next city meeting and get back to me. Fast forward a few weeks and I get the phone call had me jumping up and down excited because she told me they decided that it was okay for me to bring them and that I would just have to provide vet records to show that they were healthy and had whatever maintenance they needed and would have to pay the license  fee like a dog,  I said that's fine I can do those things. So then the great move begin. A few weeks later I got a copy of the new ordinance in the mail unbeknownst to me and now after we've already bought the house and moved in,  the ordinance reads all the things that she told me it would,  with the exception of one,  that any Pig shall not exceed 80 pounds? I was never told there was going to be a weight limit if I was told I would have brought up right away the fact that both of them way over 80 lbs because a normal pot belly pig is usually going to weigh over 80 pounds? A normal Potbelly will range from 50 to 300 hundred pounds so having a weight limit of 80 pretty much excludes any pet pig.  If there's going to be a weight limit on my pigs and they're going to be licensed like the dogs then why don't the dogs have a weight limit?  Our dog weighs 100 pounds and she is twice as tall as our 120 lb Pig, so now the ordinance that they put into place specifically for us to bring our family pets is now stating that we cannot have them.  This weight limit is unrealistic and outdated, just in the short time we've been here neighbors have enjoyed seeing and petting my girls,  many people stop and take pictures of them and find joy in spending time with them,  they are well behaved, always supervised never leave the yard and wonderful pets...  I have 2 veterinarians and the local sheriff already on my side,  they belive this limit is unfair and unjust,  I do agree there should be a limit but realistically that limit should be closer to 300,  anything under 300 is considered to be a mini... I'm hoping with the support of my friends and neighbors we can remedy this misunderstanding quickly. I am scheduled to go in front of the village committee meeting next month to plead my case and see if they will amend the ordinance..  Thank you everyone for your time.  Hope you can help

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