Let the Missouri Government know that ending unemployment benefits will hurt the state.

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The governor said the state will end participation in all six federal pandemic-related unemployment programs effective Saturday, June 12, including the $300 weekly supplemental money. 

Those programs include :

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance;
Emergency Unemployment Relief for Government Entities and Nonprofit Organizations;
Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation;
Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation;
100 Percent Reimbursement of Short-Time Compensation Benefit Costs Paid Under State Law; and
Mixed Earner Unemployment Compensation.

Gov. Parson stated, “With more than 221,000 known job openings across this state, we know that the jobs are out there. One of the last remaining hurdles to full economic recovery is addressing this labor shortage."

What the governor is not addressing is the fact that this is going to be a vicious cycle that is not good for the local economy they’re forcing people back out into jobs where they can get sick they’re forgetting about the mothers that can’t go back to work because their kids are home from school distant learning and they’re taking money away from the people that are going to go frequent these restaurants where are these people have been forced to go back to work from now little to no pay because if they’re not gonna have anybody visiting the restaurant. 

For all the parents that are forced to be home due to not sending their child to school for various health concerns or the fact of the school is strictly virtual. Now they’re leaving them without any type of assistance and no way to get a job as well because they still have to have childcare. 

I need to add that they’re doing this just 30 days notice and at the end of the evection memorandum protecting everybody who’s in their homes this will inevitably force even more of the population out of their home unable to pay rent unable to pay mortgages and no protections again. 

I know the governor didn’t get to where he is today without a sprinkle of wisdom so this must be a decision made without thinking ahead too much but It’s time that Governor Parsons do what he was elected to do.  

“As public servants, we constantly strive to be the best for the people of Missouri, and it is our responsibility in state government to provide reliable and responsive service to the people of Missouri.”