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We are asking our representatives to stop spreading false allegations and unnecessary fear about the flotilla to Gaza and instead to do their job and represent and protect their fellow Americans. This petition calls specific attention to Senator Kirk's request that U.S. special operation forces be lent to Israel, which would be a tragic mistake.  


Letter to
Representative Gregory Meeks
Representative Sean Maloney
Senator Mark Kirk
We are writing today to draw attention to your negative allegations towards the members of the U.S. flotilla, and specifically to ask Senator Kirk to rescind his earlier statements asking for U.S. special operation forces to be made available to Israel to “effectively disable flotilla vessels.” The activists on the flotilla are individuals dedicated to peace and freedom. They are not “a flotilla of fools” as Representative Ackerman claims, but a flotilla of individuals who are strong and courageous enough to stand up to injustice even when their own representatives are willing to turn a blind eye to illegal and inhumane practices. The members of the American ship pose no security threat to Israel, as they come unarmed. If there is any doubt of this, the ship remains docked in Athens and is open to investigation, but we assure you nothing more than letters and humanitarian aid will be found aboard the ship.

People across the nation are horrified at Senator Kirk’s call for U.S. forces to be used against the flotilla, as it will mean American soldiers attacking American citizens, a truly saddening, and avoidable, situation.

Instead of advocating the attack and disabling of these freedom flotillas, we are writing to ask you to fulfill your responsibility as representatives to the American people and support the safety and well being of your fellow American citizens.


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