Let Sheridan Students Stay Online for 2nd Year

Let Sheridan Students Stay Online for 2nd Year

April 5, 2022
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Sheridan College Peter Amponsah
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Why this petition matters

Started by Alex Conway

We have been notified by Associate Dean Peter Amponsah that the only option available to us as Social Service Worker students come Fall 2022 will be in-person delivery only. When starting classes online and beginning the search for practicums (and some people obtaining them) in our own locations outside of the GTA we are now informed that we will be expected back in classes in person in September of 2022, this makes it incredibly difficult for many people as we planned around online learning. 

We are asking Sheridan to create a hybrid option for the remaining two courses and the one general elective for the second year's first term start. We hope that Sheridan understands that students are committed to completing their courses and obtaining their diplomas. We value having this option utilized and hope that a compromise can be reached and discussion can start.

On March 31st, 2022 at 2:56 pm Sheridan SSW students were sent the following email: 

"Message shared on behalf of Peter Amponsah, Associate Dean, School of Community Studies


Greetings Students of the School of Community Studies, 


We understand that you may be seeking clarification around the options of delivery for your programs this Spring/Summer and Fall 2022 term so you can make an informed decision that works best for you. We also appreciate that you need this information in a timely manner so that you can plan accordingly for your ongoing studies. 


The principles guiding the choice to return to campus have been based on a careful review of the current government and public health measures and information, as well as resources and system capabilities. We have also considered how to best uphold the academic rigour of our program, and support student learning towards working in professions where interpersonal/intrapersonal communication and building relationships is a core foundation. We have a commitment to offering the best mode of delivery to prepare students for the face-to-face nature of care professions. Thus, we will be offering in person delivery only at this time. 


The health and safety of our students and faculty remains our priority. As the province continues to lift the public health and workplace safety measures, Sheridan has taken every opportunity to examine the increase of in-person experiences that have already occurred on campus during the Fall and Winter term, including student access to labs and studios, learning commons, cafeterias, athletic facilities, designated group, and individual study spaces, and more. To date, there is no empirical evidence to suggest that our decision to return to campus in May will jeopardize student and faculty safety.  Having said that, should public health guidelines change, and we are advised to change our program delivery, we will shift accordingly as we did in March 2020.  


We appreciate that every student has their own unique circumstances and returning to campus may not be your first choice. We encourage students who may be unable to attend in person to connect with their Academic Advisor to discuss individual circumstances, and to develop a plan for when you might be able to return to complete your studies on campus. 


Thank you,


Peter Amponsah BSW, MSW
Associate Dean
Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies"

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Signatures: 210Next Goal: 500
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