Let's turn Bear Creek Golf Course into an ATV Park!!

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I propose the repurposing of Bear Creek Golf Course as an ATV park. The property is perfect for an ATV Park and it would cost considerably less to create than it would cost to repair the damages from Hurricane Harvey. There are thousands of people who own ATVs in the Houston area who are restricted from operating them unless they do so on private property or an ATV park. ATVs are prohibited by law on public streets and county property. Some people risk it, but understand that operating an ATV in a restricted can come with heavy fines and harsh consequences. 

Most ATV parks are expensive and are located several miles outside the city in cities such as Crosby, Splendora, and Jacksonville. Creating an ATV park on this property would provide a positive venue in Harris County for families to enjoy their ATVs. Much like the service provided by dog parks, skate parks, and other traditional parks. The county could also generate revenue from it as well by charging admission fees and vendor fees. There would be no need to manage the greens or planting and maintaining grass as the property would virtually take care of itself. There is already a petting zoo and walking/bike trails, which could continue to be utilized going forward. Please vote to turn this unfortunate calamity into a positive!

The Backstory - why it makes sense?

In August of 2017, the Houston area was hit by Hurricane Harvey, a storm that brought over 50 billion gallons of rain water and $125B in damage. This would be the 3rd storm in 3 years (Memorial Day Floods 2015, Tax Day Floods 2016, Hurricane Harvey 2017) to drop this magnitude of water . In all three storms, Bear Creek Park was severely flooded in all three storms. In some places under 6-8 feet of water. The damage to the golf course and the clean up was costly to repair, costing the tax payers of Harris County millions of dollars to replace golf carts and repair the greens. This property is apart of a flood zone that is adjacent to a reservoir. Why spend more tax payers money to repair something that is only going to flood again? 

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