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Let's stop the strict enforcement of Plano ISD nonsensical dress code!

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This year as we begin the 2017-2018 school year at Plano West Senior High School, we the students were informed of a change in Administration. The administration has made the decision to strictly enforce the dress code which has been much more lenient in the previous years. They want for students to "dress for success" but fail to define what exactly that means. They informed us that in the upcoming weeks,  if they find we are in violation of this, wearing things such as i.e. ripped jeans, shorts that aren't arm length, shirts with exposed shoulders, etc. They will ask us to leave class, send us sub school, and give us a change of clothes.

We understand the importance of having a dress code, but feel this is a bit much. For example, an artist who plans to pursue an art degree in fashion, "dressing for success" would be them expressing themselves through their clothes. They shouldn't be limited and restricted to express their passion for fashion.

What we would like is for administration to reconsider such strict enforcements. Majority of the students wear ripped jeans, shoulder shirts, etc. because that's what is  'In', and most of us don't have the money to buy a whole new wardrobe. This could potentially become a huge distraction from our learning and goals if the students are constantly being reprimanded for this.

If you agree, and would like for administration to reconsider the dress code enforcements, please sign and share this petition.

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