Let’s stop bullying and mobbing!

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 The world, today, is plagued by wars and devastations of all kinds; violence, including psychological as well as physical violence, seems to have become so common that it almost seems to be accepted and allowed, as a regular consequence of our times.
For too long, now, quotidian aggression, the one we live every day, is, by tacit agreement, accepted by everyone: because it is 'not important', because there is something else, something more serious, to deal with.
While considering the gravity of the facts that are occurring, I invite you to remember that some people committed suicide because subjected to bullying at school or mobbing at the workplace.
It goes without saying that, as in any situation of this kind, also the one who bullies the others is a human being with his/her own problems; yet depriving persons of their self-esteem, erasing their dignity, their right to live among men and women is one of the worst crimes: it is a suffering that consumes an individual day by day, something that, almost every time, leads to psychic problems and many times even to suicide. All this is no less serious than many other evils that torment us. 

I was asked by a friend to explain, beyond the official meanings of the terms, what I personally mean for ‘bullying’ and ‘mobbing’.
What I mean by bullying? I mean a tormenter, or more tormenters, taking advantage of a child, or a young man or a young woman, who is regarded as weaker and more helpless, besieging and subjecting him/her to psychological as well as physical torture, to the point of beating him or her. And this can happen at school, but also outside.
What I mean by mobbing? I mean an adult who, in his/her place of work, is isolated; he/she becomes the subject of gossip and backbiting; I mean, also, something very similar to bullying (because mobbing is nothing more than bullying led in the workplace): the person subject to mobbing, too, can be provoked, teased with mocking phrases that demean his/her dignity, to the point of being accused of things he/she did not commit at all, of a conduct of which he/she knows nothing and that are attributed to him or her because of pure malice. All this until you get to the dispute and, even then, to physical violence. This has happened, believe me, and it happened to me. 

I ask special observatories on bullying at school and mobbing at workplaces, punishable as a criminal offense