Let's see the #GlassHalfFull


Let's see the #GlassHalfFull

This petition made change with 13,020 supporters!
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Started by Garvita Gulhati

Year 2020 National News: Parched Bengaluru citizens take to death. 

Our city is running out of water and will be unliveable soon. Without water, our survival is uncertain even then we do not fail to waste it in the most trivial ways

Bengaluru is my home and the thought of it not existing is unimaginable. This is the story of every one for whom this city is home. 

14 million litres of #water is wasted every year simply in the water that we leave behind in glasses at #restaurants. It happens because we ask for water, take a sip or two and leave the rest. We can prevent this! 

I have been running Why Waste?(whywasteorg.com) to prevent the wastage of water at restaurants for the past 2 years. We visited multiple restaurants but have realised how difficult it is to convince them. Very often we are also blatantly shooed away. So we need your help, each and everyone of you to reach out to these people so we can together make a difference!  

This petition will be sent to National Restaurants Authority of India and the Restaurant Owners of the city. They might not listen to some of us but they will have to respond to all of us if they see thousands of signatures on this petition.

You can be the one to stop the war over water from coming! You can be the change by making sure everyone around you only fills their #GlassHalfFull. You can be the one who changes the world by just asking yourself one simple question - How much water did I save today?

If all the restaurants and citizens across the city reduce the amount of water that is being wasted, we can together collect enough water to fill one of our burnt and dried up lakes by 2020! 

Sign my petition to make restaurants across India reduce the size of their glasses. Urge waiters to fill only half glass of water. As customers, ask for the same as a symbol of your commitment.

Let this be the first step towards Indian citizens helping revive our precious natural resource - #water which we have turned into a garbage can. 

Let’s stop wasting water everyday and let’s start counting how much water we have saved on a daily basis. 

Let’s stop blaming and lets start doing.

Let’s start small to make a big difference. Let’s make our glasses #emptyglasses.  #savewater to #saveyourself


(image: Drawing courtesy Seemran Pookulangara)


This petition made change with 13,020 supporters!

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