Let’s secure Community funding for Irlams o’th’Height notice board.

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Despite almost unanimous support from over 50 local people who responded to an online survey, the Claremont and Weaste Community Committee Budget Group have rejected the Claremont Alleygaters bid for a community notice board in Irlam Square. Surveys of local traders show they are also in support of the idea, which will once again provide a focus for Irlams o’th’Height and ensure that the historic name of the village isn’t lost. 

While recognising that a community notice board exists in the library, residents and traders are keen to see this supported by the provision of a local map, showing the range of facilities in the local area, with room for local businesses to advertise. Concerns about possible vandalism have been addressed with an offer by Bargain Booze to use their cctv system to minitor the area. The new board would be obvious to everyone using Bolton Rd and available all day every day, not just when the library was open. Posters and Information for the board would be collected by the Vine Cafe and monitored by a team of local residents with clear rules about what can be displayed.

The  Community Committee Budget Group, which consists of our 6 local councillors together with two local residents, have £23.000 a year to spend on local projects. If you would like them to reconsider this proposal please sign our petition.

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