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Let's Re-NU: Northeastern University Sustainability Action Plan

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Members of the Northeastern University community, 

WE are concerned. Climate change is real. The ten hottest years on record have all happened since 1998. Average global temperatures have risen over 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit since 1895. Something must be done to stop this dangerous trend.

WE need solutions to start right here on campus. While it is important to take personal responsibility over our climate, our school should be taking steps to stop the problem at its source. Northeastern brands itself as "America's greenest University," yet has continuously failed to respond to student concerns about waste on campus. Even after 89% of undergraduate student voters voted to implement 1:1 recycling and 62% voted in favor of a plastic bag tax, there have been no changes.

WE need your support on the following actions so that we can make change happen:

  1. Improved Recycling Program: To create a campus-wide, uniform recycling program that better illustrates recycling guidelines. As of right now, recycling rules are inconsistent and confusing. In some buildings, there are six trash bins for every one recycling bin. This is unacceptable. WE want a uniform system across campus that ensures recycling is available wherever there is garbage.
  2. Plastic Bag Reduction Plan: To implement a system to create a financial incentive to reduce plastic bag usage at on-campus businesses. As of right now, plastic bags are being wasted at on-campus stores like Outtakes and Wollaston’s. It's time we put a price on the environmental impact of this waste. WE want to reduce the number of bags used on-campus through a 5 cent plastic bag tax.

WE must show the NU administration that students, faculty, and alumni all agree:

WE must Re-NU before it’s too late.

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