Let's Re-imagine Spencer Creek

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Dear Dundas/Hamilton Residents :

Let’s re-imagine Spencer Creek…

Spencer Creek is an urban waterway, which travels through the heart of our community. It has been integral to the growth and development of our region’s natural and human history. In many ways it’s why Dundas exists. From the time the First Nations people arrived, through the period of the coureur de bois, the voyageurs, and early European settlement, the creek played a significant role in the prosperity, health and wellness of the community. And most recently, the industrial revolution left its imprint on the waterway, one which the creek has not fully evolved beyond.

Now, envision a waterway that is closer to its original form:

  • a waterway without weirs but instead with natural whitewater features that provide a gentle and exciting ride in a variety of river volumes
  • a waterway that can be safely navigated in a multitude of watercraft, in canoes, kayaks, paddle boards or simply by swimming
  • a waterway that allows native fish to travel further upstream to healthy spawning grounds once again
  • a waterway that has less pollutants and creates less erosion, while maintaining safety from flooding
  • a waterway that has a maintained trail network and a greenspace with native flora and fauna for walking, biking, fishing, birdwatching and socializing within our urban setting.

Imagine a creek that re-introduces the connection of the creek to our greater community.

Spencer Creek provides a unique opportunity for the residents of Dundas. Its grade of 2% is ideal for beginners to paddle moving water in a safe, dam controlled environment. The cost and effort needed to improve its navigation from Fisher’s Mill Park to Cootes Paradise is relatively simple and inexpensive. The effect will provide a significant and sustainable boost to the economy while improving the ecology of this urban river corridor environment. There are examples of similar projects enhancing urban creeks and rivers in cities and towns across North America, capitalizing on a cultural eco-tourism movement, which translates to an increase in business opportunities and lifestyle.

Consider joining other community members, including recreationalists, historians, educators, business owners, environmentalists and residents to re-envision and re-create Spencer creek. Will you join us by signing this petition to encourage Hamilton City Council and the Dundas Valley Conservation Authority to consider this change?