Pineal Cyst and Tumour sufferers need "HOPE"

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Sadly, Canadians are suffering without hope.

Pineal Brain Tumours and Cysts are mostly rare benign brain lesions which are not being treated in many countries including Canada and surgery is only performed by a handful of world renown Neurosurgeons.

Despite our advanced medical system, Canada lacks the expertise and offers no support for Pineal Cyst and Tumour sufferers.

The cost to have the out-of-country surgery varies between $50-150k but our Canadian medical system will not pay for it.

This years awareness campaign is about the urgent need for government action to assist Canadians suffering from Pineal Brain Tumours.

What do sufferers and their families want of the government? What do they want of their Health Minister and their medical system? Their one wish is to prevent others from going through what they are going through.

* They want the government, through the public health system, to recognize a pineal cyst for what it is — a pineal gland tumour — that can be symptomatic regardless of its size.

* They are pleading for improved education around this illness in medical teaching institutions and hospitals.

* They want to ensure sufferer’s can get medical care.

* They want doctors and medical professionals to listen to the patient and be able to recognize their symptoms and they want to be acknowledged and get the medical care they need, especially if they have exhausted all other options.

* Families need financial support to get the treatment and support they need, including access to the best professionals who are experienced with the treatments of these rare Pineal Central Nervous System (CNS) lesions.

* If the best Neurosurgeons are in Australia, Germany and USA the system should have to do everything possible to ensure sufferers have access to that expertise.

Pineal Tumour sufferers and their families need "HOPE".

They need to know that what they are experiencing is understood and that, in a wealthy country like Canada, sufferers will get medical care so that they can live a healthy, happy life into the future. At the moment, it seems that it is left to the individuals and their families to try to get the treatments and support they need, and it is left to them to try to research the condition to find solutions for themselves because they do not feel that they are heard or understood. The stress and the sheer frustration that these people and their families experience every day is clearly devastating.


To help push for recognition, education and change the guidelines for the treatment of Pineal Brain Tumours and Cysts in Canada.

Together, with your support, we can make a difference!