Let's protect the hands that heal us

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Doctors dedicate their lives to serving patients' needs every day of their lives. They work nights and days to keep hope alive in the hearts of patients and their loved ones. They try their best each moment to preserve life and limb.

Yet, some things are beyond human control. And no matter how great the effort, emotions always flare. Doctors often bear the brunt of this ire.

The incident at NRS Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata earlier this week resulted in two medical interns being grievously injured. It provoked outrage in the medical community across the country with doctors going on strike across states demanding secure working conditions.

Unchecked emotions flying high in certain scenarios is not uncommon. But understanding why this anger is targeted primarily at caregivers is a question that begs attention. As figureheads of the healthcare system, doctors are often the first to bear the brunt of this extreme anxiety caused by suffering.

Given the repeated incidents in Aug 2016, Mar 2017, May 2018 and now, it has become a worrying trend for doctors to get attacked while working to save lives. From verbal abuse, threats to actual physical harm in extreme cases, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) estimates over 75 percent of doctors have faced violence while practising in India. We believe it is high time for us to acknowledge this immoral behavior and take binding steps to ensure such incidents never happen again.

This petition carries forward the demand to stop violence against doctors and facilitate better dialogue with patients.

We are looking to collect 5 lakh signatures across the country to pledge support for doctors and commit to ceasing all violence. You’re also welcome to share your suggestions with us on what could be done to save our healers. We will collate your responses and make sure your voice reaches the concerned authorities.

Let's protect our doctors so they can save lives.

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