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Many people, single or married, gay or straight, bisexual or transgender will need fertility treatment like IVF/IUI Treatment in Australia and subsequently, sperm & egg donation.

Most of them will face the critical shortages of sperm donation in Australia. 

This is because donation of sperm and eggs is altruistic in Australia and donors cannot be paid to donate. Donors also cannot be anonymous. 

Allowing commercial human tissue overseas has given clinics hundreds of donors to choose from.

But in the state of Victoria, Australia, we can't access large banks like California Cryobank or Xytex or The World Egg Bank due to current legislation.

Some of them will access well-meaning but unregulated websites like and and put up with men offering donations in return for sex.

All other states have access to thousands of donor programs but VARTA (Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority) puts up so many road blocks that people are leaving Victoria to access a larger number of high-quality donors. 

Read these stories from couples desperate to be mums and parents leaving Victoria to access sperm donation. Read this article on how Canberra Fertility in the ACT is bridging this gap. 

Xytex, a major donor clinic not accessible to Victorians, offers 3 generation medical histories, baby photos, adult photos (on many donors), essays; social information on donor & family members, Kiersey personality tests, donor's first name, audio interviews, and donor photos.  

Xytex, California Cryobank & The World Egg Bank offer genetic testing for over 200 inherited conditions. They offer thousbands of donors willing to have their identity disclosed when off-spring reaches the age of 18. 

Yet, Victorian women can’t access these donors because VARTA have gone several steps further with legislation than all other Australian states and territories.


Let's petition The Hon. Jill Hennessy MP and VARTA to change the legislation. If we win, we'll give Victorian families more access to better quality donors at the very least.


It's a small change that could lead to an overhaul of IVF legislation in Australia and open the door for more families to conceive.

We must continue to lobby the government for commercialisation of the egg and sperm donation industry and changes to the legislation. 

 According to VARTA's 2014 annual report, the supply of sperm donors in Victoria has fallen by 23% while the use of donor insemination has almost doubled.

Families choosing the alternative

“Once we got the all clear from the counsellor (took 48hrs for her to write her report and pass it along) we were sent an email with the available donors from Australia and overseas. We decided on the overseas donor because there was heaps of information and photos which was important to us being gay and all for the child to be able to have something to look at and understand where some qualities stemmed from. The Aussie profiles were very limited in info and no picture.”

“Hubby and I had no other option than using Xytex as there are no ACT donors, (at present). Donations are few and far between in Aus in general."

Three women share their personal IVF stories

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