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Caspar Creek may have just celebrated its last Closing Day. There's something you can do! It takes seconds, and it's free.

Caspar Creek Learning Community, a successful 40-student K-5 charter school program on the Mendocino Coast, has been a treasured local alternative for 20 years, serving families from Elk to Westport to Philo who need or want an alternative to the other fine schools available locally. Caspar Creek's small class sizes, it's multi-age groupings, a unique child-development-centered approach, and an outdoor focus enhanced by a resource center surrounded by state park and state forest, have nurtured and empowered an entire generation of children over its two-decade history.

To continue beyond June 2020, Caspar Creek must now be authorized by Mendocino Unified School District, by means of a board vote.

Caspar Creek’s current students, parents, and staff; its nonprofit board members; and its many alumni, founders, former staff and other community stakeholders, are delighted at this opportunity to finally join forces with our local school district. We’re confident that the Mendocino Unified School District Board of Trustees recognizes the strength of Caspar Creek’s program as evidenced by its 20-year success story, and will acknowledge its value as an important part of the array of great public school choices available on the Mendocino Coast by embracing Caspar Creek as a charter school authorized by its home district.

Should the MUSD board decline to authorize Caspar Creek, the program would be forced to close now. For Caspar Creek’s current family of students and involved parents; its dedicated and resourceful teachers; its corps of energetic part-time staff; its volunteer board of directors and diligent fundraisers; its army of volunteers; its many supporters in the community at large; and its two decades-worth of grateful alumni, the loss of this venerated program would be huge.

What's at stake?

  • A treasured educational alternative that has enriched, and continues to enrich, the greater Mendocino Coast community in ways both measurable and immeasurable.
  • Decades of work refining a distinctive model and approach;
  • Jobs: two credentialed teachers, a site coordinator and several aides, both full-time and part-time;
  • Years-long teacher-student relationships that allow a level of mutual understanding usually not possible in a public school context;
  • Lasting friendships between children, who build a community over their years together.

The board must take into account the level of community support for Caspar Creek's continuation. Your signature will communicate your support for the MUSD board's decision to authorize Caspar Creek to continue as a public charter school. Stating your reason for signing (and especially, Caspar Creek's importance in your life, or your family's lives) will add weight to your signature.

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