Let's make more counsellors available at local GPs. Save someones life and end the stigma.

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I believe that mental health awareness isn't taken as seriously as it should be.

Please take into consideration the amount of counsellors actually available at local GPs.The amount is very low as the GP tends to direct people with mental health issues elsewhere to a counselling service.

I believe that more counsellors should be available in every local GP for as and when a patient needs to see someone. They shouldn't have to be asked to ring a certain number to see someone, only to be told there's a 4+ month waiting list.

What if this person gets worse within that time? What if in the worst case scenario they take their own life because they simply cannot cope anymore?

Mental health is on the up rise and is getting worse and worse, simply for one factor of counsellors not been available for that person as and when they need it.

I believe that there should be at least one local mental health/bereavement counsellor available to every local GP so someone is there to talk to and help save more lives.

More and more adults,  young adults and children take their lives everyday because they cannot cope with life, and for me that is one of the saddest things I can possibly think of.

With the help of these counsellors people will have something to hold on to, and someone to talk to about what is on their mind.

No matter how small the problem for someone, a life is precious, and shouldn't be put at risk for the fact that they feel they have no one to talk or turn to. 

Mental health shouldnt have to take a life for someone to realise something needs to be done.