Let’s make Lisbon Regional Elementary School accountable to the Carignan family!

Let’s make Lisbon Regional Elementary School accountable to the Carignan family!

2,258 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!

Why this petition matters

Started by Friends of Adriel


An unfortunate incident occurred on December 22nd at the Lisbon Regional Elementary School in Lisbon, New Hampshire regarding an adorable little girl,  Adriel Carignan. Adriel has spina bifida and is in a wheelchair. She attended her holiday concert and what happened next during the course of the concert, outraged people both far and wide. The concert consisted of the children singing and dancing in a circle. The music teacher, instead of making a point to include Adriel, chose to have her sit outside the circle  in her wheelchair alone, quite obviously made to feel much more like an invisible onlooker than active participant as the other classmates, sang and danced (with their backs turned), including the music teacher.

The music teacher could have so easily created a program where Adriel could have been part of the circle alongside her classmates, and been an active participate. She could have been made to feel extra special if the teacher made even the slightest effort. She chose to not only keep her outside the circle, but passed up a very valuable learning experience, and teaching moment for the other kids, to exemplify what  kindness, empathy and respect looks like towards a fellow friend/classmate. 

What an unfortunate missed opportunity. The school has thus far, not taken any accountability, has not issued a public statement, no public apology, only has said that Adriel had a “good time”. They have continued to ignore hundreds of phone calls and emails coming in from all over to try and have a civilized conversation as to how/why this happened.

Inclusion should never be an afterthought, even more so for those who have a physical or emotional disadvantage. Maybe, one would think, they would have considered a “do over”, maybe a post holiday concert, where she could have had an active role and felt like she belongs to make up for what happened on Dec.22nd but instead they have chosen to not acknowledge it. Equally significant is that they have not announced any type of initiative to educate the teachers at the school about inclusion with regard to those who are handicapped or disabled. This is a strong and powerful message that this is not important to them, shocking, as this might be.

People make mistakes, we ALL do. But it is what we DO with those mistakes that matters. This could have been rectified soon after the unfortunate incident if the school has stepped up, shown responsibility and immediately announced what they were doing within their school to be sure this could not happen again. But, to not take accountability is another matter all together, particularly when we are talking about a fragile young vulnerable child with a physical disability.

Everyone deserves to know what type of plan has been put into place, within the school. From what is understood up until this point, there’s been absolutely no plan of action, no initiative to implement a basic training course for the educators to be more sensitive to those with special needs.

Adriel is not the only one. What is happening on a day to day basis aside from this one isolated event that happened to have been videotaped?

A school that will not “step up” despite public condemnation has to make you wonder what their policies are towards a student with any kind of disability. The music teacher remains employed, allegedly with no disciplinary action. The only ones that seem to be truly affected by this unfortunate incident seems to be the victim, darling little Adriel and her parents. They don’t want to ask for a hearing before a judge, which is well within their legal rights or to initiate legal action. They simply want the school to take public accountability.

We hope that in signing this petition, Lisbon Regional Elementary School will be made to understand that this unfortunate incident can still be made right by being accountable, and to make amends to everyone who this incident may have affected. 

This is a moment to stop and think about those who have disabilities of any kind whether it is a physical or mental disability and how a simple act of kindness can so easily make someone feel welcome and accepted. Isn’t that what everyone at any age wants to feel? Our children spend most of their day in school being taught not only academics but about being a good human being, life lessons. The school failed every one of those children that night. Mostly Adriel.

This could be a very valuable teaching moment, not only for the teacher and students at Lisbon Regional Elementary School but in fact, for us all 

Many will be waiting and hoping that Lisbon Regional Elementary School  will step up and do the right thing for Adriel!

2,258 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!