Amazon Seller Support: Needs to Change for the Better!

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Have you had enough of Amazon Seller Support? Waiting weeks or even months for a useless response. Or an algorithm shutting your business down for the wrong reasons? If so, now is your time to have your say!!  

I have over 5-years of experience selling on Amazon and I am completely frustrated with the support I receive, to say the least. I see many other Amazon sellers on the Amazon forum, Facebook groups, and blog writers all saying the same things about the bad support they receive - which proves that I am not alone here. I honestly think it is criminal how sellers get treated when you pay a fee to use the Amazon platform. I could go on all day about the cases I have opened that don't get solved or they're still open, and the numerous phone calls I have had that have been absolutely pointless. I always get told, my case has to get to transfer to another department and they only deal with email responses. That case will either never get answered or you could be waiting months for a decent response; this is not good when your investment/business is at stake. It is a total mess and it needs to change!  

Some might say "you are a seller and you don't deserve good support, only the Amazon customer gets good support". I disagree with that because Amazon sellers need some sort of "good" support because of the control Amazon takes of your business, and from time-to-time, they get it wrong. Plus, Amazon would not have customers if it wasn't for sellers so they should treat sellers right for those reasons. I think it's important to have some sort of "good" support because usually there is a lot of money is involved when having an Amazon business, and that money becomes at risk when you have NO answers! And I know, and I hear every day a lot of people lose money due to the bad support they're receiving from Amazon. As you are probably aware, most of the time, the algorithms can be the main cause of the problem and the support doesn't know what to do when you mention that. I had an algorithm change my category before and it took me over 3-months to fix, and within that 3-months we lost a lot of money because we were in the wrong category which was completely irrelevant to our product. If Amazon had good support over a screen share (like much "smaller" other e-commence companies do) that would have been resolved in a day or two. But I had to deal with clueless people or an algorithm sending me an automated response.

I know there are tons of other problems that all you sellers go through, so please sign this petition to prevent any further loss of money, inventory, and unnecessary time wasted on that useless support! Amazon sellers need a voice so I am hoping this petition will make a change for the better. That's all. 

Thank you for your time,
Mr. Change