Let's Light Up Ossian Hall Park

Let's Light Up Ossian Hall Park

August 8, 2022
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Why this petition matters


Please join Annandale Boys & Girls Club and Bulldogs Inc. of Annandale fight for lights at Ossian Hall Park’s Field. We believe the time has come to allow lights on the main field of Ossian Hall Park. In 2006 during “Phase 1” of Ossian Hall’s Improvement Project, neighbors adjacent to the field petitioned to not allow the installation of light towers due to the possibility of disruption to privacy. Over 15 years have gone by and technology has graciously evolved ensuring that innovative ways to light a field are plentiful. Lights that are correctly positioned vertically and directional would not interfere with the lifestyle of the adjacent neighborhood, in fact adding light would enhance not only the neighborhood by our entire community. 

Here’s how:

•         Public Safety. Participating in sports with limited light is not safe, at any age.

•         Build character within our community by allowing local athletes the opportunity to participate and exercise under better conditions

•         As soccer is the lead running sport in our area, La Cross and Football numbers are starting to increase, and with the lack of field space, adding to Ossian Hall's main field would add more field time

•         Stress relief. Give coaches, parents, and children more time in between work/school schedules to prepare for practice and or events

•         The community would benefit from having lights installed for it promotes a sense of safety, especially with the recent criminal activities that have occurred at Ossian Hall Park after hours

•         Light on the main field would prevent vandalism and loitering at the field at night

•         More light on the main field would enhance the lack of light in the parking lot, for it serves as overflow parking during night events at Annandale High School

•         The light power would be managed by Fairfax County Park Authority where we propose a mandatory turn-off time by 9:00 pm mainly to assure no disruption or violation of privacy for adjacent neighbors

We believe the time has come to give our community the amenities it deserves. We owe it to our children, athletes, and neighbors an opportunity to feel safe and not worry about lack of field space & time, injuries, or criminal incidents. The time to invest in the future of our community is now, and that is by light.

Light installation on the main field at Ossian Hall Park is supported by Annandale Boys & Girls Club, Annandale High School, Bulldogs Inc. of Annandale, National Capital Soccer League, Suburban Friendship League and Fairfax County Youth Football League. Please join our petition.

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Signatures: 104Next Goal: 200
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