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Let's Keep Our World Safe By Protecting The Bees From Harmful Pesticides

On January 5th, 2011, Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor, published an article about a research study made on bees and the alarming decline in Bumblebees in the US.

In this article she mentions that four of the most commonly abundant species of bumblebees are close to disappearing in the United States. On Monday, some researchers reported their study results, confirming that the agriculturally important bees are being affected worldwide. They documented a 96 per cent decline in the numbers of the four most common species, and said their range had shrunk by as much as 87 per cent.

As stated: “We provide incontrovertible evidence that multiple Bee species have experienced sharp population declines at the national level” - these researchers reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, calling the findings “alarming.”

“These are one of the most important pollinators of native plants,” Sydney Cameron of the University of Illinois, Urbana, who led the study, said in a telephone interview

In recent years, experts have documented a disappearance of bees in what is widely called colony collapse disorder, blamed on many factors including parasites, fungi, stress, pesticides and viruses. But most studies have focused on honeybees.  But, Bumblebees are also important pollinators, Ms. Cameron said, but are far less studied. Bumblebees pollinate tomatoes, blueberries and cranberries, she noted.

On the other hand, some studies claim the decline may be due to a combination of factors including disease, habitat loss and toxic chemicals. But new leading independent research has produced strong evidence blaming Neonicotinoid pesticides. France, Italy, Slovenia and even Germany, where the main manufacturer Bayer is based, have banned one of these bee killers. But, Bayer continues to export its poison across the world, and the US is one of its biggest markets.

Bees are vital to life on earth, pollinating plants and crops every year. Without an immediate action to save bees, we could end up with no fruits, no vegetables and the list goes on.

We can no longer leave our delicate food chain, the health of our environment, at the expense of researchers who run the chemical companies and the regulators that are pocketing from this market. Banning this pesticide will move us closer to a safer world for all of us and all future generations.

We really need to start caring and protecting "our home" planet ... after all, it is the only one we have.


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