Revert back the attendance percentage in Loyola College

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As our management has made changes regrading our attendance. Our minimum attendance has increased from 65% to 80%.

This affects many students who are enrolled in various courses outside the college such as CA, CMA, ICWA, CS, SAT, ACT and many such coaching classes. This new attendance policy will not provide enough preparation time for those exams and will lead to missing the coaching classes, as we're forced to maintain the 80% attendance. And few students are also joined in part-time jobs, they'll be affected with this new attendance rules.

We kindly request the management to revert back the changes or bring up some new changes which is beneficial for all of the students as well as management.

Personal story
I'm a student of Loyola college, Chennai. As many students were worried about this attendance changes. We would like to make a petition for the good of all the college students.