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Let’s Give Little Ones a Heart Healthy Start in Life

Nearly one in three infants who die from birth defects has a heart defect. Hospitals and birthing centers can test newborns for critical congenital heart disease (CCHD) - but not all do. We must ensure every baby in Utah receives CCHD testing so they can get life-saving treatment as soon as possible.

Baby Logan went into cardiac arrest and tragically passed away at just 14 months old. Had Logan been screened for CCHD at birth, doctors would have found his heart defect, provided immediate treatment to protect his heart and he might still be alive today.

The American Heart Association supports screening newborns for CCHD with a non-invasive, low-cost test called pulse oximetry. Pulse oximetry screening: 

- Saves lives and is cost effective;

- Costs about $3, a small price to save a life;

- Could help identify more than 90% of heart defects;

Sign our petition to provide Utah babies with CCHD screening. Help give our little ones a heart healthy start in life. 

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