Let’s Get my boy back home with his mummy

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My boy got taken from me by his father because he took me to court and used everything against me like going out partying getting spiked, spending time with friends seen as though I didn’t get the chance to do the that at school as he was an older boy who I got into a relationship with at school and because he didn’t like me living my life after I split up with him he took me to court him and his mum, his mums a social so worker and new what she was doing they both intimidated and manipulated me and went behind my back slighly I’ve had another little boy who wants to meet his brother I have one baby with me and I need my first born baby with me too.....




im coming for you hunter baby and your going to be back with me in no time I love and miss you baby boy ����mummy’s here and always will be ��