Let’s Get Micky Dolenz a STAR on The Hollywood Walk of Fame⭐️

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Update on HWOF for Micky Dolenz

Hi Everybody. Jodi here. I just wanted to thank all of you for signing and sharing this petition. I do realize that petitioning the Chamber of Commerce for the HWOF is not how you do get a star.   There is extensive paperwork, research and $50K that will be needed. The new applications come out April 1 so you know what I will be doing on Fool's Day. What I am doing with this petition is to bring awareness to the efforts being made to get this started because it is about time. Of course there is a star for The Monkees but with Micky's 70 year career, I do feel he is deserving of one for his screen work.  The Monkees show was the most popular but that actually was only on TV for about 2 years.  I think it would be great to honor him for the other decades that he has entertained us and made us smile. I would appreciate it if you can continue sharing this on your social media, so everyone can feel a part of this process. The fans have kept this going and will still have the opportunity to do so. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.   Micky does have some shows happening.  I hope to meet you at one of them. If you would like a list of his appearances and solo shows, or to pick up a copy of his new EP that comes out this week, check out his website. www.mickydolenz.com  or my site which is www.monkeemeetandgreets.com they are all listed. If you didn't know, The Monkees have their own internet radio channel as well.  We feature The Monkees, the solo projects from the guys and so much more. You can find that on the live365 app and look for Monkee Mania Radio. https://live365.com/station/Monkee-Mania-Radio-a57014 Happy Spring to all of you. Jodi Ritzen 

Jodi Ritzen
2 months ago